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The Team Triple Threat (T3) Foundation is a grassroots, non-profit organization that was created to provide at risk youth with a myriad of programs and projects geared towards keeping kids off the streets. Our programs help nurture and hone the talents, skills and abilities of our youth while uplifting their self-esteem and beliefs that they can achieve any/all goals they set their minds to. Part of our credo states that "FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION"! It is with that in mind that we challenge our kids to push themselves to their highest limits, all the while believing that unlimited success is an attainable reality. 

Our programs include everything from Life-Skills and Academic programs, to Cultural and Sports programs, to Health and Wellness programs. We also provide daily mentoring, aftercare and study hall programs. We embody the ultimate family atmosphere for our kids, and we do this by partnering with you, the parents, as well as with people from the community, business professionals, elected officials and a host of other friends and supporters. 

In the very near future the Team Triple Threat Foundation hopes to begin constructing our very own state of the art community academic, cultural and sports training compound. This all-purpose facility will serve as a safe-haven for our kids, as well as a fortress for grooming our brightest and most skilled students and athletes.


Irvington, NJ

Newark, NJ

Linden, NJ

Harlem, NY


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